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How to Cure Procrastination

cure procrastination

What student doesn’t struggle with procrastination? Deep procrastination is a serious concern among students. Students that cope with this find it nearly impossible to start school work. In spite of the deadlines, you simply cannot get things done as you would, at a subconscious level, would like. In times like these, we find that looking at UK essay writing service reviews would be infinitely better.

You needn’t feel bad about yourself, though. The greater part of students experienced the phenomenon of deep procrastination. And it is curable.

In our opinion, we wouldn’t say that procrastination is, by itself, a major character flaw. In return, it is the result of not having a detailed plan regarding your responsibilities. This plan has to be realistic, though. Making up a plan catered for Einstein won’t solve your problem.

Why Does It Happen?

Normally, procrastination occurs during the most difficult years of colleges. Naturally, at this point, the difficulty of the assignments grows, and you have much more things going on. So, you reach the bottom, when you feel that you can’t take it anymore.

You know that you need to deal with your responsibilities, but you are psychologically tired and stressed. So what your brain does is trying to ignore what it already knows: that you need to meet those deadlines to graduate.

Other times, procrastination happens because students simply have too many things going on. Teachers assign many writing tasks which require attention, research and a lot of time.

When things seem impossible, it would be best to look for a legit UK essay service.

This could clear up your schedule a bit. Before you go for it, we advise you looking at various UK essay writing service reviews. That will help you know the best companies from the average.

Another common reason is a lack of organization. Organized people have long to-do lists that keep them occupied. These lists also emphasize the importance of the academic assignments.

How to Combat Procrastination?

Firstly, you should pinpoint the grounds of your procrastination. What makes you postpone your academic assignments and why? The reasons above are trivial, but there might be others as well. The minute after you realize the root of the problem, you could take the measures to fight against it.

You should reckon that procrastination is a habit that is formed in time. So, don’t expect that you’ll break out of it overnight. A habit stops being a habit when you work hard towards changing it, by consistently working in this direction. Our advice is approaching the problem from different angles, testing various strategies, reading other people’s confessions. In short: test, test and keep on testing until you learn the secret.

We’ll give you a couple of hacks in this direction as well:

  • Keep a to-do list in your proximity that would remind you of your obligations.
  • Focus on one task at a time. Multitasking could ruin your motivation.
  • Break a large project into smaller tasks, which would make a project seem more manageable.
  • Aim at improving your project planning skills, if any.
  • Don’t convey each task as being unpleasant. As you get to it, you might realize that you like the feeling of satisfaction you get with every completed task.
  • Reward yourself after you’ve completed something.
  • Stay realistic.

To conclude, beating procrastination isn’t an impossible target. If you really want to break this habit, you have to take measures against it. Be consistent in your approach and, by all means, don’t have unrealistic expectations that your academic life will change overnight. When things get out of hand, you could always search for the best essay writing service UK reviews and get help.

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